Monday, April 27, 2009

We have visuals...

Woo hoo! My new camera showed up today. I stopped at the front desk to fax in my daily log and asked about a package. Nada. While we were chatting to Sarah (one of the most awesome front desk clerks), the UPS guy walked in with my new camera! So, we now have visuals! =)

Here's the cotton/linen market bag I knit up at the airport and on the plane to Phoenix. I used this pattern. Simple and quick to knit and very handy! I use it daily to tote my lunch and misc items back and forth to the office and in the evenings/weekends to go shopping. =) I have yarn to make a second bag and plan to shorten the handles on that one a bit.

And here's my sweater! It's getting close! Just another inch on the bottom ribbing, then I can knit the sleeves the button band and it's all done! LOVE this sweater already. It's so soft and cozy. =)

That's what's left of skein #3 sitting there. There's enough left of that one to finish the bottom ribbing at least. Should be able to finish the sleeves (not full-length) and the button band out of #4.

Oh, and I started the first block of my afghan! =)

No Arizona pics yet. It was dark by the time my battery was charged...


  1. so how is picking stitches back up? i remember seeing this pattern and thinking it would be easy but not sure about having to pick stitches back up...

  2. Can't wait for the AZ pics! I'm glad you got your hands on another camera (that happened to have the right card reader handy, too!) so quickly. Free is awesome too, haha!