Saturday, August 01, 2009

Latest FO - A Mini Media Bag

I had a small amount of cotton left from a couple other projects and decided I wanted to use it up. Wasn't sure how many yards I had left (and I was too lazy to measure), so I decided to just wing it and see what I could come up with. =)

I thought maybe a wrist support for using with my mouse might be useful... but discovered midway through I didn't have enough yarn for that. So then I thought maybe a small bag since that's basically what I had at that point. It ended up the perfect size for my mp3 player and headphones. Only had maybe 1/2" of yarn leftover. It was meant to be. =)

I cast on 32 stitches using the magic cast-on I use for my toe-up socks (16 stitches per needle on US6 dpns) and worked my way up in the round in stockinette stitch until it appeared I had just enough yarn left for a few more rows (lucked out here, eyeballing it really well as it turned out).

At this point, I did one row of *k1 YO K2tog* followed by a row of knit and then cast off.

I left the tail attached and wove it down through a couple stitches until it was even with the holes from the YOs, then made a crochet chain the length of the circumference of the bag and wove it through the holes, attaching the end on the inside of the bag. This created a drawstring without loose ends hanging. I can just pull on a section of the drawstring to close. =)

Basic mindless knitting resulting in a cute, useful little bag and the perfect way to use up a small amount of leftover yarn. I'm guessing I used roughly 15 yds for this bag.

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