Monday, September 24, 2012

feeling a little crafty... and froggy

Last week, a friend asked if I'd be interested in testing her new pattern and of course, I said yes! I was especially interested once I saw what I'd agreed to knit. lol

owl iPad sleeve

Isn't it cute? I jut love the little cabled owl that has been popping up everywhere the past couple years.

owl  motif

With my limited stash in the rv, I didn't have the super bulky yarn she used for hers, but I did dig around and came across some Jo Ann Sensations Caribbean in a sparkly variegated green and held that double. I wasn't quite thick enough, but made a nice little sleeve for my iPad. After the photo shoot, I decided a handle would be useful so I single crocheted around the top and added slit handles to turn mine into a bag.

owl iPad tote

I also finally pulled the crochet purse/bag out and finished it!


It became a nice little basket for the bathroom cabinet to keep items organized. I love how the variegated yarn flashed on this! I think I'm going to use more of this yarn to knit or crochet a net bag to tote my shower items to/from the shower building at the rv parks.

I also have been working a bit on my alpaca blanket and was working on block #4:

headed up the frog pond...

I kept feeling like I was wasting my time though. An alpaca blanket in a household with critters? Not very practical. Add that to the fact that the yarn is so thin it's knit up on US6 so the progress is going at a snail's pace? Yeah, not so excited. I love the yarn though so a couple days ago... I frogged it! 

At this moment I have exactly ZERO items in progress. lol Deciding what's next. I have yarn for 2 sweaters and some miscellaneous yarn as well. Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

if I could...


I was asked if I'd do anything differently in regard to the rv and thought I'd address it here so it's easier to find. I was a total newb when I bought this rv... still am actually. I didn't grow up rving; I barely camped as a kid outside of summer camp where they handled everything. lol

The view out the back window where I'm currently parked:

I bought a 28' class C that's about 10 years old. Would I buy a class C again? Absolutely! This rig is easy to handle, much easier to move around than a travel trailer. I can tow a vehicle for getting around without being stuck driving a huge truck around on a daily basis. This is a huge bonus to me. While I'd rather not tow anything, having a small vehicle to get around in is pretty much a necessity in some places - it all depends where you're parking.

As for particulars about the rv itself... I'd probably look for one with a better temperature control for the a/c if I had it to do over again. It's a pain having just a knob that adjusts up and down on days when I have to leave at 6:30 in the morning and can't get back until after 6p. It was still chilly when I left, but I had to turn on the a/c so it would be on for the afternoon when the temps soared to keep the critters comfy. Day 1, I turned it up too high and it froze over. Thankfully, it wasn't too awful hot that day so it was warm in the rv when I got back, but not unbearably so. Now, it's staying fairly cool most of the day but heating up dramatically around 3p so I'm only running the a/c a few hrs a day since I'm back working remotely and can better control the temperature myself. I'm really thankful I brought a small fan with me too. The a/c has a fan setting, but it's super loud - a good thing when the pup's here all day without me since it helps drown out outside noises... not so great when I'm here working.

I'm finding it's plenty of space for me, even without a slide like so many others here have. The tt next to me actually has THREE slides... and it's just a guy in there. lol I'm actually discovering that I have more than I need packed in here. Isn't that always the case? We always seem to have too much stuff! lol I also quickly discovered the need to keep things tidy. I packed up so quickly at the end, drove down to Oregon and then was so busy between work and play =) that things weren't as well-organized as they should have been. Once everyone left, I had time to finally really clean and organize things and it felt 100% better in here. I just have to keep things put away and it keeps its spacious feel. =) I've been trying to get a tv since a lot of the parks have cable access, but my timing is off. Too many college kids also looking for smaller tvs. lol And they're apparently quicker than I am! I'm also still looking for a good deal on a laptop so I can download the pics from my nicer camera. Again, no luck yet.

The critters are adjusting to the smaller space pretty well. It helps greatly that my youngest cat is 9 yrs old. Reilly loves having so many new places to sniff and trees to pee on. lol He's not so fond of so many other dogs having access to what he has decided is all "his" space. Xander got a new harness and leash and is enjoying his outdoor time too. =) Xander is still a brat, but that's no different than before. heh


The park I'm currently staying in has wifi, but it's spotty when the park is full and during peak times of the day. I can usually work all day using the park's wifi, but it comes to a screeching halt around 6p... then again around 9p. lol I did finally go upgrade my phone and got a mifi (Verizon) last week as back-up. I have to have reliable internet access for work. I've used it a few times, but mostly I'm still using the park's wifi and I do avoid streaming video with my mifi since that gobbles up the bandwidth. I am falling behind on my podcast-watching! lol I need to remember to stream those during the day while I'm working and the wifi is stronger and should probably weed out the ones I don't love. Mostly, I fell behind though because I was in offices all day. I listened to audio podcasts, but obviously couldn't watch the video ones. heh If I knew I was going to be in one place long-term, I could get a regular internet connection, but I'm still undecided at this point. I like where I am now, but I have to go back to Spokane to sell my Jeep. Not sure if I'll head back down here after or not. I did get an offer from a friend in Spokane to park at her house while I sell my Jeep. They even have an rv dump station. lol That's another thing I wish I'd done... sell my Jeep before I left!

Monday, September 10, 2012

my oh my

Hmm, it's been awhile, huh? Sorry for the radio silence since I got the rv. What's been going on the last month or so? A lot! Let me tell you...

I'd had this great plan of selling my mobile home, moving into the rv and hanging out in Spokane while I worked on selling my Jeep. That didn't happen. Work, as usual, had other plans. lol The day I brought the rv home, a manager called asking if I could go to Oregon for a project. Why yes, that actually was a possibility! So, a little over 3 weeks ago, I handed over the keys to my mobile home (good riddance!), pared down my belongings to what I thought I couldn't live without (I need less than I thought, it turns out), packed the rest into storage, put my Jeep in storage and headed south in the rv.

Reilly's spot while in transit
Reilly rode very well in the rv. I put his bed between the front seats and he slept through most of the trip.

Heading for Oregon
Still in Washington here, but Oregon is right across the river!

Dinner time in the RV!
Dinner time in the rv. =^..^=

It's been a blast! I'm so glad things worked out they way they did, even if they did create a detour in my plan. I pulled myself off the road a year ago when I moved back to Spokane so adjusting to going to an office again every day was certainly a big adjustment. Ugh! The alarm clock is not my friend. lol But adjust, I did. And it was certainly worth the adjustment. There ended up being only five of us here including a lead who was here to train us on inpatient coding. It was such an amazing group. We all worked the same hospital the first week and I've never laughed so much at a job ever! The 2nd week, we split up to do reviews at smaller hospitals, but since we all had internet access, we all kept in touch throughout the day. Yes, this was an unusual group! It turned out to be only 2 and a half weeks of work and now everyone has flown home, leaving me alone here in Oregon. I can honestly say I've never been so sad to see a project come to an end.


We were all staying about an hour from the coast and took day trips out both weekends. If you're ever near Corvallis, OR, be sure to check out Depoe Bay. It's a beautiful drive from Corvallis and a lovely little town. We hit the beach and walked through town, checking out plenty of the little shops along the way. A couple of the others took a whale-watching boat ride. I stayed on dry land with the rest of the group since I had the munchkin pup with me. Yes, Reilly got to see the ocean! He had a ball on the beach checking out the driftwood and piles of kelp washed up on shore. He's not a fan of getting wet so he stayed out of the water, but he came home a tired out pup. =)

It's been a busy few weeks between work, fun and more work. I managed to put in some overtime along with having a ton of fun. The rv has been an adjustment too, of course... for all of us. I learned not to crank the a/c all day (it freezes over!) and the critters worked out an issue the first day I was gone all day (the cats won, evidenced by the bloody spot on Reilly's muzzle). Leaving the a/c on low and playing a radio helped, but Reilly is definitely happier now that I'm back working remotely again. He has a blanket on the seat next to me to curl up in and of course he insists on lots of breaks throughout the day to go sniff among the oak trees just outside our door. Corvallis is a beautiful place and the people seem very nice. While not as busy as Portland, there are still plenty of things to do as long as you're not expecting a big city. Along with our trips to the coast, we also went blueberry picking! And I discovered I'm less into the sweeter berries and prefer the ones with a bit more kick - Liberties rock! I haven't yet made it to the alpaca farm a few miles away or any of the local yarn shops. I brought yarn with me, but have been too busy to even pull it out. lol Now that things have slowed down, I expect I'll be starting a new project soon.



With everyone gone, I finally had some time this weekend to really clean and start organizing things better in my rig. It's so much better now that it's not so cluttered. My first rv adventure has not been entirely without issues. I did discover (with some help from the park host) that my black water tank has TWO valves that must be opened in order to be drained - something the tech at the dealership didn't know apparently. And I have a cracked battery cable connection that needs to be fixed. Thankfully I discovered that when I had to move this weekend to make room for the football fans. Started up fine... then dead when I tried to start it again. The neighbor found the problem and temporarily fixed it with some tin foil. Really glad that didn't happen on the road somewhere. I do have roadside assistance, but really, this was a much better way to find out.=)



So how is rv life? I love it so far! It was a pleasant change having my own space while working on the road. The others may have had more space, but I had a full kitchen and my furry kids. =) I love the flexibility this set of wheels brings me. I haven't yet decided where I'm headed next. So many possibilities... =)