Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Ah, the messenger bag.

Yes, this is the one I started ages ago!

I've spent the past few days here in Buffalo working on the body portion of the bag - perfect while watching movies in my hotel. It finally came off the needles last night! Woo! Not enough left to make the strap from the same yarn - that leftover bit will be knit up into an interior divider instead (ugh, more stockinette). Wishing now I'd thought to bring the contrasting color of this yarn so I could knit up the strap as well. I did bring a bit of cotton though, so I'm not yarnless. lol The plan is to overdye this tan in a chocolate brown and use this

for the strap. What do you think? (Any suggestions on dyeing also gladly accepted.)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Made the hour trip to Indy today to pick up some freebie boxes (yay, freecycle!) for the move and decided to make a couple extra stops. FYI - Michaels has Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton on sale this week for $1 a skein. It's the smaller size (2oz variegated, 2.5oz solids), but still a good deal... esp if you want smaller amounts of a few colors. I'm planning to make some water bottle holders and dishcloths at the airport/on the plane/at the hotel the next couple weeks. =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hooking Hippos

Well, one hippo.

She went out exploring this morning.

Hmm, I should have warned her about cats...

And their claws...

This can't be good.


Whew! The catnip kicks in...

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back on the hook

I think that fiberfest finally jump-started my urge to play with yarn. =) I picked up a small book of patterns for amigurumi animals at Michaels over the weekend and tried my hand at the first today.

I think he turned out pretty cute. I'll be trying out a few more patterns from this book soon... and then maybe trying my hand at making up some of my own. They're so fun and quick to crochet. I think these would make great cat toys stuffed with catnip and stuffing!

Speaking of cats...

I think mine are ready to hit the road! Sebastian was hanging out in the new kennels all the time until I put the top on. Xander has decided they make a wonderfully soft kitty bed after I added the clean towels that will line them for the trip. Goofy cat.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Woolly Weekend

It's that time of year! Lambs!

So cute! These were all bottle-fed so they were super-friendly too. I headed off to Franklin, IN, for the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival on Friday where I got to see these little ones... and lots of yarny, crafty goodness. It was a looong day of fibery fun. =) It's always fun checking out all the booths and seeing what crafty people are up to. Of course, there were lots of beautifully hand-dyed yarns and roving and some other creative handmade items too.

There were some cute takes on the cotton dishcloth:

And some great deals on handy books:

A book on natural yarn dyeing and a community cookbook to benefit the animal shelter. $12 for 2 books? Not a bad deal at all! And there was just about everything sheepy you could think of! Loving that little felted sheep with golf tee legs!

And yeah, lots of yarny goodness. =) One booth had these small (100yd) skeins of wool perfect for felting and only $1.25 each! That was a great opportunity to get lots of colors in smaller amounts for a few felting projects I have planned and also want to try my hand at over dyeing a few of those lighter skeins as well. I'm working on a couple of ideas for things to put up on etsy. Should be fun!

If there's a fiber festival anywhere near you, check it out. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Blogs, that is. I've started posting (okay, there's one so far) photos on another blog in an effort to bring this one back to it's original domestic nature. Check it out! I'll be updating mostly photos there from now on. =) This one will still be for all things crafty and foody.