Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back on the hook

I think that fiberfest finally jump-started my urge to play with yarn. =) I picked up a small book of patterns for amigurumi animals at Michaels over the weekend and tried my hand at the first today.

I think he turned out pretty cute. I'll be trying out a few more patterns from this book soon... and then maybe trying my hand at making up some of my own. They're so fun and quick to crochet. I think these would make great cat toys stuffed with catnip and stuffing!

Speaking of cats...

I think mine are ready to hit the road! Sebastian was hanging out in the new kennels all the time until I put the top on. Xander has decided they make a wonderfully soft kitty bed after I added the clean towels that will line them for the trip. Goofy cat.

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