Friday, April 13, 2012

meet my new roommate

Annie was born in a humble home - can it get more humble than a reused applesauce jar? No one expected much of Annie. Though she had simple beginnings, but she had high hopes for herself. She knew if she worked hard, she could accomplish great things and be more than just "Applesauce Annie." So, she began to grow and grow, until one day, she was ready to bake her first loaf of bread. No, it wasn't perfect, but it showed promise and hints of the flavor she knew she could someday produce. She was still rather young after all. Annie knew she needed a new home, a larger home where she could grow bigger and live up to her potential.

So Annie got a new home:
my new roommie
and decided to reinvent herself. This was no applesauce jar. This was the home of a lady. Annie decided she would now be called Arianna. She was quite "airy" at this point. =) She now has high hopes for her future, imagining many wonderful loaves of bread, stacks of pancakes, batches of muffins... the possibilities are now endless!

(For those curious or maybe wanting their own Annie, I used the sourdough starter recipe here though there are  of course other ways to start. My Alaskan sourdough cookbook's starter uses thick potato water. It also says to not use a metal spoon, go with wood.)