Wednesday, September 12, 2012

if I could...


I was asked if I'd do anything differently in regard to the rv and thought I'd address it here so it's easier to find. I was a total newb when I bought this rv... still am actually. I didn't grow up rving; I barely camped as a kid outside of summer camp where they handled everything. lol

The view out the back window where I'm currently parked:

I bought a 28' class C that's about 10 years old. Would I buy a class C again? Absolutely! This rig is easy to handle, much easier to move around than a travel trailer. I can tow a vehicle for getting around without being stuck driving a huge truck around on a daily basis. This is a huge bonus to me. While I'd rather not tow anything, having a small vehicle to get around in is pretty much a necessity in some places - it all depends where you're parking.

As for particulars about the rv itself... I'd probably look for one with a better temperature control for the a/c if I had it to do over again. It's a pain having just a knob that adjusts up and down on days when I have to leave at 6:30 in the morning and can't get back until after 6p. It was still chilly when I left, but I had to turn on the a/c so it would be on for the afternoon when the temps soared to keep the critters comfy. Day 1, I turned it up too high and it froze over. Thankfully, it wasn't too awful hot that day so it was warm in the rv when I got back, but not unbearably so. Now, it's staying fairly cool most of the day but heating up dramatically around 3p so I'm only running the a/c a few hrs a day since I'm back working remotely and can better control the temperature myself. I'm really thankful I brought a small fan with me too. The a/c has a fan setting, but it's super loud - a good thing when the pup's here all day without me since it helps drown out outside noises... not so great when I'm here working.

I'm finding it's plenty of space for me, even without a slide like so many others here have. The tt next to me actually has THREE slides... and it's just a guy in there. lol I'm actually discovering that I have more than I need packed in here. Isn't that always the case? We always seem to have too much stuff! lol I also quickly discovered the need to keep things tidy. I packed up so quickly at the end, drove down to Oregon and then was so busy between work and play =) that things weren't as well-organized as they should have been. Once everyone left, I had time to finally really clean and organize things and it felt 100% better in here. I just have to keep things put away and it keeps its spacious feel. =) I've been trying to get a tv since a lot of the parks have cable access, but my timing is off. Too many college kids also looking for smaller tvs. lol And they're apparently quicker than I am! I'm also still looking for a good deal on a laptop so I can download the pics from my nicer camera. Again, no luck yet.

The critters are adjusting to the smaller space pretty well. It helps greatly that my youngest cat is 9 yrs old. Reilly loves having so many new places to sniff and trees to pee on. lol He's not so fond of so many other dogs having access to what he has decided is all "his" space. Xander got a new harness and leash and is enjoying his outdoor time too. =) Xander is still a brat, but that's no different than before. heh


The park I'm currently staying in has wifi, but it's spotty when the park is full and during peak times of the day. I can usually work all day using the park's wifi, but it comes to a screeching halt around 6p... then again around 9p. lol I did finally go upgrade my phone and got a mifi (Verizon) last week as back-up. I have to have reliable internet access for work. I've used it a few times, but mostly I'm still using the park's wifi and I do avoid streaming video with my mifi since that gobbles up the bandwidth. I am falling behind on my podcast-watching! lol I need to remember to stream those during the day while I'm working and the wifi is stronger and should probably weed out the ones I don't love. Mostly, I fell behind though because I was in offices all day. I listened to audio podcasts, but obviously couldn't watch the video ones. heh If I knew I was going to be in one place long-term, I could get a regular internet connection, but I'm still undecided at this point. I like where I am now, but I have to go back to Spokane to sell my Jeep. Not sure if I'll head back down here after or not. I did get an offer from a friend in Spokane to park at her house while I sell my Jeep. They even have an rv dump station. lol That's another thing I wish I'd done... sell my Jeep before I left!

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  1. We travel to the FL Keys a lot - so much so that we have a list of exactly what we need to bring & have learned from previous trips - what not to bring. We put all that info into an app called Packing Pro & it's been super handy.
    Love your cat on a leash - back in single days when I could have cats (husband is allergic) I tried walking the cat on a leash. I'm lucky to still be alive after that!
    Anyways, after having watched you declutter on your stash less blog & seeing the results of your efforts has been super inspiring & really put the fire underneath me to not dabble in decluttering, but to go all thermonuclear on it - which I have been this past month or so.
    Glad to see you are fairing well & doing great - you gotta be proud of your accomplishments!