Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No visual evidence

Ah, packing is so much easier without a 5-week break. Completely unpacking suitcases between trips means something (or somethings) will inevitably be forgotten, not to be discovered until they're 1700 miles away, completely out of reach. This trip? Toothpaste (yay for hotels that rescue you!), my vitamins and... the card reader for my camera. *sigh* I refuse to buy another when I have a perfectly good one at home. So, no pics for another two weeks! I did order a new p&s camera today though with some of my hotel points - replacing the one that bit the dust in Seattle. (BTW - The card reader that will work with this new camera totally made it into the bag! Of course. heh) I love my Canon 20D, but sometimes it's nice to have a tiny camera that will slip easily into a pocket and this one has gotten great reviews... and it's free. =) Should have it in a week! It even does video! =)

I started a net shopping bag at the airport in Indy waiting for my plane. I worked on that most of the way to Phoenix and finished it the next morning since the view from the plane finally won out over knitting. =) Works great for toting things back and forth to offices! It's in a nice cotton/linen so it should hold up fairly well. I have more of this yarn to make another couple bags, but I'll definitely be getting my hands on some circs for those. Dpns in sz11 are just too heavy and pull too much at the joins to keep it even. All the circs I have... and I don't have the ones I need!

Haven't yet started my first block for my afghan, but at only 12", it shouldn't take too long. Haven't decided yet which block I'll start with though. I still can't believe I'm knitting an afghan...

I did work on my sweater this weekend! I'm now about 3" below the armpits. Transferring those sleeve stitches to stitch holders really makes things move along more quickly! haha Up to that point, it just kept getting bigger and bigger every other row. Looks like I may be able to finish this with only 4 skeins, rather than the 5 I have. I'll be able to combine that 5th one with some of the variegated blue or brown I purchased at the same time. I can't even express how much I love this yarn so far! It's so soft and cozy. (Rhapsody by Dark Horse Yarns) Might be a bit less hilarious knitting it if I wasn't sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room in the middle of the desert knitting pure wool when it was 90+ degrees outside! It's supposed too be 97 here in Tucson tomorrow!! Whew. Good thing the maintenance guys pulled out the umbrellas for the picnic tables at the office! =) BTW - had to go off and buy a set of dpns for the sleeves since, again, I have a ton of dpns on every size from 0 to 11... every size except the one size I need for this project! haha I think I'm covered now though. =)

I've decided I need to learn to knit faster... or stop looking at patterns that will surely temp me! I have so many projects I want to knit now. haha If only someone would pay me to just knit!

So, there's my update! Check back in a week or so for pics... and possibly something that looks an awful lot like a sweater. =)

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  1. I can identify with what you said about either learning to knit faster or stop looking at tempting patterns. I don't complete nearly enough projects because I can't keep myself from perusing patterns at Ravelry.