Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sucked in by an afghan

Yes, I've finally succumbed to an afghan pattern. I have commitment issues with large projects, but lately sweater and blanket patterns have been calling out to me. Why have I committed to knitting 25 square feet of blanket? Well, for one, I don't have to do all 25 blocks. Knitting one block at a time, it's really not that big of a commitment to any one pattern... not to mention really easy to take along on the plane, one skein at a time. =) I can stop whenever I want and make whatever size afghan I want. Each block is different (and some should be a bit of a challenge) so I shouldn't get bored either. I'll probably use some of the suggested colors and sub in some of my own choices, sticking to an autumn color scheme. I bought the first few skeins and wound them into cakes today. (BTW - LOVE my ball winder and swift! So much quicker than winding by hand.) My goal is to finish one block each trip out of town. Should satisfy my need for quick results also while I work on sweaters and socks. =) And, hey, I'll have my own handknit afghan in, oh, a year. hahaha

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