Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pearly Whites

So many things are getting done while I'm home. The boys both went in today for a teeth cleaning. Reilly's weren't too bad, Mugsy's were worse. Here's the difference between a just over 2-yr-old and an almost 13-yr-old after anesthesia. Reillly's a little droopy still, but poor Mugsy is completely wiped out.

I got these chews at the vet's. They have enzymes on them that are supposed to deter plaque now that they once again have pearly whites.

There's also something that you can put in their drinking water every day and some wipes for their teeth with the enzymes. I opted for the chews to give them 1-2 times a week. I was warned they stink to high heaven though. Good thing I can't smell... =)

In between dropping off and picking up the boys, I had to get out of this house (and away from a certain irritating woman who cannot speak in normal voice even when I'm 2' away - I hate yellers!) so I ran down to the new fabric/yarn/vacuum shop that is now the only place to get decent yarn (Red Heart at Wal-mart doesn't count) without a 2-hr round trip. They just started carrying Cascade yarns and have really good prices (complete surprise for this little town!). They know their customer base and priced accordingly. =) People around here aren't going to pay a ton for yarn. Their prices are actually about the same as the non-profit sold it for out in Seattle and less than pretty much anywhere I've seen it, including online shops when not on good sales. Not bad! I'll definitely be checking them out should I need a skein or two. Not foreseeing that need in the near future after my recent yarny deals... but you never know. I was very tempted by a sampler afghan they had there. It's knitted in blocks, then stitched together - several very cool blocks in that pattern! I did make sure to tell all the ladies at lunch today that the yarn is in and that the prices are good! =)

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