Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mmm, biscuits & gravy...

This is one of my favorite breakfasts - biscuits and gravy! Yum! I had a half-gallon of soy milk in the fridge I need to use up so I made a batch today. =) I tried the cornmeal version of the baking powder biscuit recipe I normally use. So good! I didn't make two separate recipes of the gravy - one veg and one not - so these didn't pass my mother's high standards (keep in mind she usually eats premade crap nuked in the microwave or chips or cookies for every meal). Not saying she didn't eat a nice, big plate of it (really, it was that bad?), but apparently it's not as good as my sister's. I'd guess the big difference is that my sister uses pork sausage and I... don't. I told her to go to my sister's and have her make it then. Any wonder why I normally cook while she's at work? haha

Still making progress on my sweater and I've decided what's making the trip to AZ with me (I've got a week to change my mind).It's been pouring down icy rain all day and they're calling for SNOW tomorrow. Hard to believe I'll actually be HOT in a week! More than ready to head back out. This has been an expensive month at home! The car got new tags, new brakes, a new battery and Friday, a new starter. *sigh* Still needs a new windshield this week before I leave. And I need to go get my new IN license as well. Get me out of here before I go broke!! =)


  1. Man, your car is practically brand new again after all the new things you've done for it recently! Did you get your windsheild replaced yet?

    That gravy looked tasty! What did you put in it instead of meat?

  2. It's Gimme Lean sausage. I think I'll have to make this while I'm here in Tucson - the hotel has biscuits at breakfast! =)