Saturday, March 14, 2009

One very bad little dog...

*sigh* I knew this whole flimsy wooden lattice thing was a bad idea. Can't tell my mom anything though. She had it in her head that an enclosure made of 1/4" pine was more than adequate for keeping animals in or out. There was already a small hole elsewhere, but no definite proof that it was Reilly. Yeah, I knew. Who else would it be?! haha Anyhoo, tonight I let the boys out into the yard and a little while later, here comes Reilly into the house. I'm thinking, hmm, the door must have come open. Nope.
Reilly decided to let himself in... by making a Reilly-sized hole. *sigh* Rotten little dog. Gotta love that minpin tenacity. haha So much like a terrier! We had some chicken wire in the garage left from the garden so I nailed that up along the outside to thwart any future attempts at break-ins. ha! Yeah, he's not chewing to escape... he's chewing his way IN!

Goofy little dog. He wasn't even out there all that long. Don't worry. I did thoroughly check out his mouth. Didn't find any real damage, thank goodness. My whole idea for an enclosure in the beginning involved chicken wire and on a much smaller scale... for the cats. This was my mother's idea. This way, she could put in a dog door and never get off her butt (and away from her precious television) to let the dogs in/out. It was also a way for her to build this stupid thing and make me pay for it. Not that she asked me anything, just did it while I was out of town and it was too late. I absolutely hate this enclosure. It's way too small of a space for the dogs and when I'm out of town, I know she's not letting the dogs out into the rest of the yard to stretch their legs. And apparently picking up poop is below her as well so it gets pretty nasty during the 3 weeks I'm gone. Reilly just flat out refuses to poop out there. Frankly, I don't blame him. That's one of the reasons I'm switching to 2-week stints when things pick back up so I can keep an eye on them better. The plan is to be back out west by this time next year. Just gotta hold out and save up.

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  1. That is the CUTEST picture. You can just see the wheels turning in his little head.