Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Light up a sheep lately?

These guys seem to have an awful lot of time on their hands... =)

On the yarny front... I'm still knitting away on my twisty socks. Absolutely loving them! Nearly finished with the first. I went to meet up with some knitters today at a cool coffee shop down the street and found I was one needle short! Switched my sock from a larger bag into a small one and somehow dropped one of my new bamboo needles. One of the ladies came to my rescue so I could knit and amazingly, when I came home, I found the errant needle on the floor of my bedroom... untouched. Yay! I'd feared the worst, what with my zoo running around here (including a little dog who loves to chew!) and no supervision. haha Thought I'd find it chewed into toothpicks. SO happy. I'll be a lot more careful from here out when I move projects around. haha

This afternoon, I headed down to a thrift shop in town to check out their $1 room. (Yes, I'm cheap, er, frugal.) =) Found 5 sweaters at $1 apiece! One is all cotton. I've washed that one and am waiting for it to dry so I can frog it and knit it up into a vest and ??? It's a sort of odd pale green/khaki so I plan to overdye it once it's knit up. It's a long-sleeve turtleneck - lots of yarn to be had! I plan to make one of the wool sweaters into a felted bag/purse. The others' fate is yet to be determined beyond frogging.

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