Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dealing with the DMV... and a new WIP

So, I moved from Washington to Indiana last June... and never changed my driver's license or license plate. heh Yesterday, I was out and about and decided to pop in to the DMV, er BMV here, to find out how much cash I needed to get my new plates and license. Discovered they take credit cards! Woo! Airline miles!! =) Also discovered my old registration expired... yesterday. Oops! Thought I had until the end of the month. haha So, I was there and figured I should go ahead with the plates before they expired. Really nice lady behind the desk, getting ready for a trip to Alaska this summer for her 40th anniv. So we start... dang, I don't have my title with me - wasn't planning to do this yesterday. So I have to run back across town to the house and get my title and run back across town to the BMV. Get another lady, not quite as friendly, but still way friendlier than most in these places! haha So we start again. Ah, now I need a whole string of things. Seriously?! The first woman couldn't have given me a list of all the paperwork I needed? It's not as if everyone carries around not only their driver's license, car registration and proof of insurance, but also the title, social security card and a bill/pay stub with their current addy... Had I been ready to change my driver's license as well, I'd have also needed my birth certificate too. So, one more trip back and forth across town and finally, my car would be legal past midnight!! Thank goodness I had a couple hours before they closed when I went in the first time! At least they hand you plates on the spot so you don't get one of those stupid temporary paper plates and have to wait for real ones to come in the mail. I'll have to go back for my license. I have to take the written test again. Ah, Washington just took my old license, punched a hole in it to invalidate it and gave me a WA one. I'm pretty sure registration was cheaper too. Ah, well. Done until next year at least.

I've given up waiting on my yarn order from Little Knits and began working on a sweater from some of my stash yarn. (It took 10 days for them to ship it and it'll be another 4 days in shipping time - slow, but great sale prices! Totally worth the wait. FYI - don't bother with emailing them ever. Go through Ravelry or call if you want a response.) Monday, I knit up the swatch and (yay) got gauge my first try. So off I went on my very first adult-sized sweater. =D This is a great project for knit nights and lunches since it's so simple. I'm loving this whole top-down raglan style (in part because I loathe seaming). This will be a perfect neutral cardigan to take along on the road - great for thise chilly offices! I foresee more of these in my future...

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