Monday, March 23, 2009

Fuzzy Watermelon!

Nah, not that kind of watermelon! I picked up a ball of Merino Stripes (in watermelon) for only 40 cents and was inspired to use it for a hat after browsing some projects on Ravelry. I started (and finished) this back on the 7th, but just got around to taking a couple pics today. Things didn't quite turn out as planned with this hat and I discovered along the way that I really don't like fuzzy yarn much. I used slightly larger needles than the pattern indicated, but it still ended up on the small side. Ah, well. I don't love the look of it anyhow. It'll make a good gift for some little girl though! I'll have to try this patern out again with a different yarn... something less fuzzy. =)

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