Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm weak...

in the face of a ridiculous yarn sale! haha

But what a heck of a deal! Everything I bought was 59-75% off! Full bags of alpaca (10 skeins) for $20?! The two variegated bags are Araucania Yarns Atacama 100% alpaca, hand-dyed in Chile. Beautiful and so soft! One in shades a green and the other in deep blue with silver and charcoal (gorgeous colorway!). Then, I added two bags of Zitron Kokon (silk/cotton/microfiber) in turquoise and dark brown with a hint of steel (such a cool color!) for some not-so-chilly weather use. And last, but not least, a bag of Ella Rae Classic 100% wool in a beautiful fuchsia. So, I started my first sweater last week and thankfully, I'm enjoying it because I now have my next 5 sweaters covered. haha I love being able to get a deal like this so I can buy by the bag and not have to worry about running out and not being able to get the same dye lot to finish a project... or possibly even the same yarn since I travel so much. Do the math. The per skein price is usually a better deal by the bag as well so most often that 10th (and sometimes 9th) skein is actually free! I'd rather have an extra skein or two to use for a smaller project down the road than stress about having enough so it's all good. =) I already even have patterns in mind for most of this. Hmm, I think I need to knit faster... =)

Check out LittleKnits for some awesome sales!
FYI - If you happen to have a question for them, call. Trust me. No one ever responded to my emails. Ever. And I tried two of the email addys listed on their site. So call... or pm them through Ravelry if you want a response. Oh, and the shipping's a little slow. Took just over a week for my order to ship, plus 4 days delivery time. You've been warned. =) Otherwise, this is a great shop with amazing sales! Well worth the wait.
(Sorry for the crappiness of the photo. I'd normally take this outside since my mother's house is unnaturally dark, but right now, it's SNOWING! So deal with it. =) Better pics to follow.)

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