Friday, April 16, 2010

Your straps are showing!

Mine, not so much. =)

I've seen these on etsy, but figured I could come up with my own and save the $$. I used a piece of batik fabric my mother was tossing in the giveaway pile and a small amount of polar fleece from the same pile sewn in for a bit of padding. End result? LOVE. I've always hated those nylon straps on things, they're so uncomfortable. Now, total comfort (and totally washable). =) Total cost? $0


  1. The straps are very cute!

    Great job!

    I need your e-mail... I have a little gifty thingy that I'd like to send to you from iTunes. I'm MissVirginia on Ravelry if you want to PM me your e-mail that way...

  2. what a fantastic idea! I'll have to dig through my fabric stash to see what I have!

  3. I've been thinking of doing this for my straps.. I may just have to sit down and try it.