Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flash your Stash

People have been "flashing" their "stash" on Ravelry this month. I figured it was my turn to flash. I have just a few balls and skeins around. heh Mine has relocated to the corner recently. It's completely out of hand awesome, I know. I figure it can't take over as long as it's shorter than I am though... right?

Some details can be seen on my flickr page. These used to live under my bed, but with the dog not being able to climb the steps to the bed (and my fear that he'll jump off, injuring himself even more if he did), the mattress has relocated to the floor and the totes to the corner. I actually think I somehow have more space in my room now. I think it's just the way the bed is placed - something I've been wanting to do for awhile now. I used to rearrange things all the time, but since I've been in this one room, I haven't really been able to. It's a really nice change. =) I like being able to see the pretty colors too. Spent a bit of time today rearranging these, putting like fibers together and putting the summer yarns on top so they're more easily accessible now that it's getting HOT outside! I think maybe we've skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer!

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  1. holy crap girl, you are organized! i am wistful.