Monday, April 12, 2010

FIVE things

So, I'm reading this book, Clutter Busting. One of the exercises is to pretend you can only keep 5 things. What would those 5 things be? Hmm, only 5, huh? That's a toughie.

1) My camera (okay, not so tough on that one) - I'm counting this as one though if I had to I'd condense it down to the camera body, a couple lenses and a tripod. All would fit in my awesome camera backpack so that should count as one, right? heh

2) My computer. Obviously need that to process photos - wish it was a laptop though.

3) My Jeep. (Crappy pic but it's all I got right now.) =)

4) My phone. I've easily lived without a cell phone before, but my job makes this a necessity. This also takes the place of an mp3 player and also works as my internet connection.

5) My bike. (Again, crappy pic... but you get the idea.) I bought this not long after moving to Alaska and it's moved with me to WA then IN and will be making the trip back west soon. It's been neglected of late and needs a serious tune-up, but I love it... and it fits me. =)

Interesting what didn't make the cut. #1 was the easiest to come up with. #5 was the hardest. It was a toss-up between the bike and my knitting/crochet stuff... but I'm betting I could stash my needles/hooks in the camera bag and find more yarn down the road... is that cheating? =)
I asked my mother this same question. What were her 5 things? She got as far as her sewing machine and supplies (counting as 1), her knitting supplies (again as 1 though she wanted to lump this in with her sewing stuff), her TV/VCR (again as 1), her books (again, counting as 1). She didn't say a 5th though I'm pretty sure she'd already filled a BIG moving truck with the first 4!

So, what would YOUR 5 things be? 


  1. Hmm.

    1. Computer. (includes music collection. Very important. Also can watch movies/tv on it)
    2. My perfume collection (getting smaller)
    3. Books (I could probably pare them down a little.)
    4. Knitting Stuff.
    5. Camera.

  2. 1.) Computer, definitely. (The laptop though, I could live without the desktop)

    2.) My camera (Nikon DSLR, can live without the Powershot)

    3.) Books

    4.) Knitting stuff (a closet full of yarn counts as one thing, right?)

    5.) My car. (This one was a toss up between ipod and car, but I really love going for long drives so the car wins)

  3. I think that anything you can fit in your camera bag definitely counts! You should also twist those lenses so I can read what they are.. :)