Sunday, March 21, 2010


First weekend of Spring has brought more spring cleaning, sorting, shredding (papers, junk mail) and packing up stuff I don't need/want so I can make another trip to Goodwill. They're going to get used to seeing me there. heh It's amazing. I basically live in one room when I'm actually home, yet I still managed to accumulate way too much stuff! Or at least, way more than I need. How do I have FIVE water bottles?! Okay, a couple of those were given to me so it's not entirely my fault. Keeping the two I like and tossing the others in the box along with an electronic dictionary/thesaurus and 5-language translator (my phone does all that) and even my discman that hasn't been used in close to two years since I switched to mp3s...Since I can view them all online now, I also ditched all my medical coding magazines. Geez, those things are heavy! The only magazines I have now are knitting ones. *sigh* I really need to go through those and scan the patterns I want so those can go too. Way more time-intensive though so that'll wait until I get through most of the rest of this stuff. Tonight, I tackled shoes. Over the past two years, I've discovered I'm fine wearing the same few pairs of shoes over and over and really don't need that many. This is partly due to all the travel and the limited space in my suitcase (I pretty much just pack and black and a brown pair of flats these days), but even at home, I really only wear a few pairs so... time to cull! 11 prs out the door...

I'm also organizing/shrinking what I am keeping to save on space. I have most of my winter clothes now in a large space bag so I can suck the air out to save space. I also finally found a large dvd storage book so I can ditch all those plastic cases that take up so much shelf space! This book takes up about the same space as 20 or so plastic dvd cases in total space and is only about 6" wide... but it'll hold 92 movies! Plus another 16 I think without the info sheets. Not that it's anywhere near full, but I'm still coming out ahead on space even with what I do have so it's all good. =)

I thought about using space bags for the yarn as well, but I remember reading somewhere that it wasn't good the yarn to be squished up like that. Anyone know any different? 

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