Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The end of an era...

Said goodbye to my little car today.

It was towed off to hopefully be fixed and serve someone else well for many years to come. I bought this car in 2001 in Alaska and it made it down the Alcan to Washington and then to Indiana without any issue. The past year, it's finally been really showing its age and has required more work than in the past. More recently, it once again refused to start... even with a jump. Rather than paying to have it fixed and chance trying to make the money back when it sold - if it sold as there are tons of these for sale right now well below their worth - I decided to cut my losses and give someone a killer deal and let them get it running again. I'm now back down to one vehicle. I hope my Jeep runs as well as this little car has over the years. Thanks for a great 9 years of service!

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