Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cut through the clutter...

I saw a challenge posted on another blog that involves paring down your "stuff" to what you really need by finding 10 items per week you no longer need/want and passing them on in one way or another. I just stumbled across this and the writer has gone through twelve cycles now, I believe. I'm working on a shorter time frame (hopefully), so my goals will be a bit different. Instead of a number of items and doing it on a weekly basis, I'm going to spend at least 15 min a day (probably more) going through things and deciding what I can do without and more than likely coming up with 10 items a day. If today was any predictor of things to come, this should go well. Just today, I filled two large bags with clothes and a grocery sack full of books headed for the library's book sale. All are already in my Jeep (minus the half dozen books my mother swiped before I got them out of the house) so there are no excuses not to drop them off tomorrow. =) I didn't bring that much stuff with me from Washington - most of what I didn't sell before moving is in a storage unit in eastern WA still - and I've done fairly well in getting rid of things when I've bought more, esp while on the road... but I still have way too much crap here that I don't need. There are things here that I brought from WA that I haven't touched since unpacking my car nearly two years ago now. Ridiculous! I find it comical that there were so many things I haven't touched that I thought I couldn't do without and had to find room in the car to pack (or paid to mail to IN). I'm just itching to get my hands on that stuff in WA now. I know I could have gotten rid of so much more than I did. All in due time, I suppose.

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  1. Feels so good! Congratulations on paring your stuff down.