Monday, March 15, 2010

Circles and Squares

My old water bottle holder has definitely seen better days, so it was time for a new one! I started by working up a circle the size of the bottom of the bottle:

Then worked up from there in a square mesh pattern - dc, ch2 - alternating between two skeins of cotton since I didn't have quite enough of either to finish one of these. Finished off with a simple chain strap using both strands of yarn. Love how the colors came out! =)

Another quick, easy project that will surely get lots of use!

The plan for today? Spring cleaning! Well, sorting and tossing (donating). I know I need to trim some cargo weight before I move and nearly two years on the road has definitely taught me I don't need half the stuff I have here! And less other stuff means more of the stash can come. =) Still working out the details... and figuring out if I want to go newer (more expensive, more reliable) or older (more problems, unknown expenses). So many decisions...

1 comment:

  1. I'm really pleased with how much stuff we've pared down.

    It felt good. I think we're about to purge some more. :)