Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Toe-Up Socks!

I decided I wanted to knit a pair of socks this year. No time like the present! =) I'm using the tutorials from Denise Powell to learn toe-up socks. (The advantage to toe-up rather than the reverse is that you don't need to swatch to determine gauge or try to guess at the amount of yarn you'll need to finish the sock and run the risk of running out on the second sock... or having way too much left over. You could split the ball in half by weight and just knit until you run out of yarn!) After a few attempts working from the cast-on on her site, I tried out the Magic cast-on from knitty.com (16 st, 8 st per needle) and stuck with that one and I'm using the right/left twisted loop increases for the toes. I'll have to play around with the different increases to see which one I like best for the future, but this one works for now. =)
These will be only my second set of socks ever. My first pair was knit cuff down with variegated Red Heart acrylic. I still have the first pair, but they're definitely more slipper-sock than sock-sock. haha

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