Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting my yarn fix.

Ahhh, gotta love getting back to my favorite yarn shop in Seattle. Here are my wonderful finds from the bargain baskets. I started with the three big cakes of tan wool. The manager did the burn test on it to be sure it was all wool since I intend to use it for a felted project. Then, I just had to fill the bag since it was $7.50 no matter if I just got the three cakes... or filled the bag. =) I got a couple balls of cotton (I can always use cotton) and some random balls of wool and a few mystery yarns that I'm not totally sure of the fiber content. I even found three balls of a pretty silver yarn - plenty for a nice lacy scarf or wrap. Some are smaller quantities that will need to be used as trims, but others will happily combine and be plenty for a whole project. Heck, 18 balls/cakes/skeins of yarn for $7.50? Can't beat that!

Then, I moved on to the shelves of donated yarns to search for awesome yarn. Found several great cakes of sock yarn to feed my new love of knitting socks! The reddish/yellow is hand-dyed wool/nylon blend - one cake is more muted than the other, but each easily has enough for a pair of socks. The awesome, bright cake is a superwash merino/nylon sock yarn called lemonade twist. Can't wait to knit that up into crazy, bright socks! I have a nice pattern in mind for the eggplant sock yarn. There are a couple of variegated yarns that I'm not exactly sure what they will become, but they were too fun (and inexpensive) to pass up. The whole reason I went to the yarn shop yesterday was to get yarn for a pair of felted clog slippers (yarn bottom right). =) The soles will be a dark olive green and the tops will be a pretty, purple-y heather. I ended up buying two of the wrong color though so I had to head back this afternoon to swap out one purple for another green and have them wound into cakes. SO nice that they'll do that since my swift and ball winder are, what, 2,000 miles away? haha They wound the sock yarn for me, but I forgot to ask about the slipper yarn since I added it to the pile last.

I'm gonna miss that place when this project's over. =(

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