Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so my birthday's not until Monday, but I already know what I'm getting... and it's something I want! haha There's a first time for everything! My mom finally listened to me. I had to order them since my mom doesn't do that sort of thing (and that's a really good thing, honestly). I ordered my ball winder (yay!) from Jo Ann Fabric on a decent sale and with a free shipping coupon... and I bought a wooden yarn swift from a seller on *sigh* Sadly, I won't get them until after I get back from my next trip to Seattle since I'm heading back this weekend. I've waited this long though, I can wait some more I suppose. =) So excited!! What a nice way to end 2008...

This year has definitely seen it's ups and downs with lots of changes along the way. I began the year as a full-time photography student, completely broke, living in a mobile home (the first place I ever owned) in Spokane, WA. Part way through the year I decided I was sick of being completely broke, took a new job that required nearly constant travel, moved back to my mother's house in Indiana and sold the mobile home. It took 6 months of basically living out of a suitcase in hotel rooms in various parts of the US, but I'm once again debt-free (woo hoo!!!) and contemplating more changes for the new year. I know I won't be where I am right now at the end of 2009. It remains to be seen however just where I will be...


  1. What a year! Things seem to be going great, though, and I'm proud of you for getting out of debt so quickly!

  2. Thanks! I loved paying off that last bill!! =) No w, I just have to work toward the next goal to stay focused.