Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! =)

It was another week of working a lot and knitting very little. I did cast on for a hat this week for a knit-a-long and I'm nearly finished:
Could have been done days ago, but after work, I've been choosing my pillow over the needles. Hard to believe that I was working 14-hr days on a regular basis this time last year with two full-time jobs. Guess I'm getting old... lol
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Oh! I did finish the pair of slippers for my friend in time for Christmas:
last handknit for Christmas!
Not sure they went over that well, but they were done in time at least. I'm determined to finish up these skeins of acrylic if it kills me. lol
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I did take Christmas off and spent the day with my friend's family. We opened gifts in the morning then headed to her husband's parents place in northern Idaho for the afternoon/evening. I wish I could say it was drama-free, but it was much more like being with my own crazy family than I'd have preferred. The holidays seem to bring out the best and, sadly, the worst in people. At least this wasn't my family drama and Reilly got to have some fun!
This was just before he let loose with a barrage of barks letting those deer know he was in charge... or at least thought he was. heh Not sure what he would've done had there not been a window in between him and those 10 deer! These were young... maybe most will be pulling Santa's sleigh next year? =)


  1. I love Christmas, just not spending it with family. I told my husband that if I had it my way - all our Christmas's would be just the 2 of us anywhere but around/near/or with family. The whole "family togetherness" thing during the most stressful & busy time of the year is just too much. Yet every year folks try to beat that idyllic image to fit some Christmas song or expectation that not everyone else may be on-board for which is a sure-fire recipe for tension & strife instead of merriment & joy. I'll just send a text wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & maybe even a phone call to a select few otherwise - I learned years ago to avoid the family at Christmas & actually get to enjoy it! I realize that's not a very positive sounding way to handle the holidays but I'm positive it's the best & most enjoyable way to spend the holidays in my opinion!
    Love the little outfit on Reilly the reindeer slayer!

    1. Hey, Jane! I completely agree. Last year, I was back in WA (away from family for the first time in about 4 yrs) and it was pleasantly calm. =) This year, since I'm in my friend's yard, I couldn't really avoid it all, though I have dodged most of the forced "togetherness" thanks to lots of OT for work. I watched from afar as my friend killed herself cooking and baking and decorating and buying gifts she couldn't afford... The day after Christmas, she was taking all the decorations down and said it hadn't been a good Christmas and she was ready for it to be over. There's entirely too much expectation in the holidays and it rarely lives up to the hype.