Monday, December 10, 2012

a day late... with more FOs!

I've been trying to stick to posting once a week on Sundays, but I didn't have a pic of the project I finished yesterday so you had to wait. =) Still working on Christmas projects, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! This weekend, I finished up two more projects.

First up:

A cowl for my mother. I bought the yarn for this four years ago while working in Seattle, but then my mother actually requested something and it did not fit with this yarn. At long last, she's getting it this year... and it's out of my stash! It's a nice, cushy, long cowl that can be looped around twice for a snugger fit. She loves purple so I'm hoping she likes this. =)
(pattern & yarn details on my Ravelry project page)

And, no surprise:
 Another hat! I still have one more to go for Christmas but am having a hard time settling on a pattern. lol
(pattern and yarn details on my Ravelry project page)

Here's the stack heading to my sister's for Christmas:
Not too bad, huh? I do need to do a quick blocking on the two wool hats, but otherwise everything is ready to ship which is really good news since in this small of a space, three boxes of gifts really cuts down on the already limited free space around here! =)

Next week, you should get to see my last two planned projects... one more hat and a headband. There might even be a third, though I haven't yet decided on what that will be. lol


  1. Wowza - you have been knitting busy! Sounds like you are holding up well in the RV.
    How the critters been doing?
    Are you worried at all about winter or will you be staying put at your friends?

    1. I have been... and I'm not done! I get things done and my list just gets longer. lol

      Things are going well with the rv. I'm hooked up to power and internet here and have been keeping water in the tank mainly just for the bathroom since I can cook and wash dishes inside the house. My friends have a dump station near where I'm parked so I just periodically dump the black water tank. I finally figured out the heat issue while avoiding burning through tanks of propane - plastic on the windows, an infrared heater in the main area and a little heater in the hall pointed toward the bedroom when the temps dip into the 20s and the bigger one doesn't keep up. The cats particularly like that one since it's closer to the floor and makes a nice warm spot there for them. lol Forecasters are calling for a mild winter here. I'm not entirely sure what my plan is still, but I know I'll be here at least through the end of the year. I still love the small space and the critters all seem happy. =) I'd love to head somewhere warmer, but with my job, I worry about leaving the state due to issues with filing unemployment should I need to if things get too slow. I do think I'll end up somewhere around Seattle in the Spring though...

  2. Glad to hear you guys are expecting a milder winter.
    Makes sense staying in-state with your work too.
    Keep us in the loop as you got a pretty fascinating & enviable life going on there!