Sunday, December 02, 2012

another week... FOUR more hats!

Yep, still knitting away!
I continued my knitting by knitting a slouchy hat for my niece:
Christmas knit #3 - done!
I used some more of my overdyed yarn. It still needs to be blocked, but from what I hear, she really likes hats so it should be a hit, esp in her favorite colors!
(details on my Ravelry project page)

Then I knit up a hat for my middle nephew:
My friend wanted a hat for a friend's baby shower, so I knit this quick one up:
It was an owl pattern, but after getting the eyes and tassels on, I think it looks more like a monster so I skipped adding the beak.
Then back to Christmas knitting with a hat for my brother-in-law:
I figured I should go as basic as possible for his or he wouldn't wear it. 
I can see the end in sight! Only two more nephews to go and the family is done. =) I'm planning a cowl for my mother and that's the last one that needs to be mailed. I'd originally knit a hat for my friend and was planning ones for her family, but was informed yesterday that none of them wear hats... So, the hat for her is going to my sister. I might end up making her a cowl and possibly a headband or something for her daughter. I'll have to figure out something else for the guys. I'm truly at the point that I don't ever want to go to another store though! It's online shopping all the way from here.
I did have to go back to Jo Ann's for thread for a sewing project and since I had a few 60% off coupons, I finally picked up needle felting supplies: 
=) The little packages of roving are way too expensive, but with the coupon, now SO bad. I have some roving I picked up at a wool fest but it's all in storage. This will work for now.

And now... back to knitting!

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