Wednesday, December 12, 2012

getting a yarny (or other crafty) deal...

Yes, still knitting away, but I wanted to share something I've figured out recently...

Jo Ann Fabric has been putting out a lot of good coupons lately and it used to be, you were limited to using one 40% (or 50% or whatever) off coupon per purchase. Not anymore! Last time I was in there, I bought 4 items that were not on sale and got 50% off on each... just wish I'd figured this out when they had the 60% off coupon!

Here's how:
  1. Use the paper coupon from the ad flyer.
  2. Sign up for the emails from Jo Ann's and you'll get coupons in your inbox - print those.
  3. Go back to that email and click "send to phone" - this will come as a text message and has a different number on it than the one you printed above.
  4. Download the Jo Ann Fabric app on your smartphone and log in with your email then go to "coupons" and pull up the current coupon - this will have yet a different number on it.
Now you have four coupons - two digital, two on paper. Jo Ann's will let you use as many coupons as you have on the same order (one per non-sale-priced-item, of course) as long as they have different numbers below the scan bar. This is a great way to buy multiples of, say, yarn in the same dye lot that's not currently on sale or just multiple skeins of the same type of yarn for a colorwork project in just one trip. =) I got four skeins for a sweater, all at 50% off and saved about $22.

Now, you know too. =)


  1. Do you have to find a way to print a phone coupon or will the cashier scan it off your phone?

    1. Nope, the digital coupons can be scanned straight off your phone's screen. =) This is great if you're out running around and are by a Jo Ann's and don't have your printed coupons. Just pull it (or them if you have the text one as well) up and you have one or two coupons. I have used these digital coupons multiple times as well so they don't become inactive once scanned. You can only scan each coupon once per trip to the register however. =)