Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I'm a little scared...
Home Sweet Home
but also SO very excited!

I was happy to discover it felt just as roomy inside as it did last weekend when I first saw it. I was actually afraid I'd be disappointed. lol

Looking forward from the bedroom:
The cats are going to LOVE that loft above the cab!

Looking toward the bedroom from the front:
Reilly got the grand tour and seemed pleased. I definitely need to put a stool at the foot of the bed though for him.

The bathroom:
is across from the shower:
where the kitty box will live. =)

I know it's going to be a huge adjustment, but I know I can do it!


  1. How long is it? We lived in a 25' RV with 2 big dogs for several years a long time ago. You do get used to the smaller space and you move more activities outside (weather permitting).

    Have fun!

    1. It's actually 28' and will be me, a 9.5lb dog and 4 kitties (aged almost 10 to 15). I'll be attempting to keep a good portion of the "loft" open for the cats since they're sure to spend most of their time there and on the bed. I know we'll all adjust and it will be so comforting knowing my warranty pretty much covers everything. =)

  2. Oh wow - so so so cool! I'm bordering on severe jealously right about now!
    So can you tow your Jeep behind this this?

    1. I could... but I'm looking for a much smaller, lighter vehicle instead. My Jeep's a Grand Cherokee V8 4x4 and weighs way more than I want to be hauling around! It's way bigger than I need anyway. Oh, and you wouldn't be jealous if you saw my loan... another reason I want to ditch the Jeep for something cheaper and put the difference toward this loan!

  3. Replies
    1. I know! It'll be an adjustment, but I'm excited to be totally mobile. =)

  4. Good for you! I think that will be a great investment. And for a pull behind vehicle, you might think about a SmartCar.... light, easily towed, economical.

    Our couch in our RV was almost identical... we took it out and put in two recliners in the same space. Works for us.

    Mebo from Ravelry.

    1. I think SmartCars are cute, but they just don't seem too safe - not much between you and much, much bigger vehicles. Still waiting on my title for the Jeep so I can start really looking for something smaller.

      I'm actually looking forward to having the couch. I haven't had a couch in a very long time. =) I can see why the recliners would be a good fit for two people though.

  5. Wow! So exciting! Congrats, Karen. It looks like I'll have to adjust my settings to follow you here. I admit I was surprised to see an RV, but I am almost jealous, I have to say. Right now I'm comfortable where I am - just need to declutter more - but it's SO tempting to chuck it all and live in an RV. The fact that I'm going to school and spending money there doesn't help, but there's always afterwards...


    1. Definitely! I'm super far behind on reading blogs. Once I hit the road for work, I might have a bit more down time. I'm so tired from packing and moving thing to the rv and to storage... I'm ready for a break! =)