Friday, July 13, 2012

FOs! knitting and weaving

Yes, really! I finished multiple items!

First up, socks that I started back in March 2011!
I finally pulled these out this past Sunday (they looked just as they did in this post) and started working on them, finishing them up this morning. =) LOVE them!

I also tried out my new loom kit!
I set this up as roughly an 11.5" x 18" rectangle and got to work. I followed the instructions in the included booklet and while this process was okay, I'll do things a bit differently next time and probably be happier with the results. I'd intended to make two of these and send them to my mother to be used as place mats, but I think this is a little loose for that and I'm not loving the edge. The drapiness of this fabric makes it a good towel though so I added a loop to hang to dry and it's now living in my kitchen with my sheep towel.
I doubled this yarn up, but I think a thicker yarn would make a nice fabric using this method. I will place the pegs on the right side as I go next time rather than setting it all up beforehand. There just isn't much space between pegs for the tool to pull the yarn through with them in place.

While winding the linen for the towel, I also wound a skein of my hand-dyed self-striping yarn for my next knitting project... =) 

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