Sunday, July 15, 2012

an afterthought

This morning, I set up my little loom as a 7" square to make some dish/wash cloths:
I used a strand of Lily Sugar 'n Cream in "country stripes" along with a strand of white. I really like how they turned out! Super quick, super easy... and a great way to use up some of my dishcloth cotton. =) I could easily get 5 of these from one skein of the stripes held along with a solid and have extra for another project.

The project I mentioned winding yarn for in my last post? I started these on Friday and they're coming right along!
These are my first socks done two-at-a-time... also my first afterthought heels... AND my first time working with my own hand-dyed self-striping yarn! =)

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