Sunday, August 12, 2012

The countdown has begun...

Boy, am I glad I've gotten rid of so much stuff over the past 9 mos or so! Packing/moving is so tiring, but definitely less so with less stuff to move! Yesterday, I started hauling stuff to storage:
This is my storage unit (5x10... well, almost) after three trips with my Jeep. =) Still room on those shelves for the stuff I'm still working on here. The third trip was basically the chair and those two wire shelves. I actually made one more trip with my rocking chair and a few other oddly shaped items. It's looking like it'll be a perfect fit with the addition of my washer and dryer, antique trunk and the mattress that's currently in the rv. The storage space always looks so small until you start loading things in and realize just how much fits in there if you pack well! This morning, I loaded the Jeep with the two plastic dressers from my closet and two suitcases with clothes I'm just not ready to part with, but that didn't make the extreme cut to going in the rv closet/cabinets. Some are sentimental - yes, I still have my band jacket from high school. Others I really like but don't want to squeeze into the rv - that lovely chocolate brown wool pea coat! I've also packed a small suitcase with winter items, but that will be going in one of the lower storage compartments in the rv for when the temps dip. Amazing how little you really need even when planning for office wear and casual items.

Yes, I said office wear. Now that I'll be mobile, I can actually start working offices again... which nicely coincides with my employer's need for someone in Oregon. On the downside, that means I need office-appropriate clothes, will have to be gone all day working rather than working from "home" and I won't get to choose where I go. On the up side, I make more money when working offices than I do when I work remotely, they'll be paying for my rv parking whenever I'm working somewhere for them and I'll get per diem. They'll also provide me with a rental car so I won't have to tow anything (and they cover gas for that car). Big bonus there! I haven't yet sold my Jeep thanks to someone at the licensing branch messing up my title. grr I've pretty much come to the conclusion though that I'll be putting it in storage while I head to Oregon for work since I really do need transportation this week, getting the last things into storage and getting things settled to leave. When I finish in OR, I can drive the rv to wherever I plan to hang out for the winter and then fly back and retrieve my Jeep when I can. That way I'll be able to take a bit more time selling it and hopefully get a decent amount for it. I still plan to take it to a dealer though and see what they'd give me. Might be worth getting rid of it quickly and avoiding that hassle. We'll see.


  1. OOooooooH doggy - can't back out now can ya! Very exciting watching from the peanut gallery I must say. I'm sure it's got it's fair share of goods & bads on your end...but hopefully the goods outweigh the bads!
    I don't envy you when it comes to messing with selling (or buying) a car. I despise car dealers & the car buying/selling process so much so that I've had my same car now for over 17 years.
    Anyways, it looks & sounds as if you are pretty darn independent & self-sufficient which is both admirable & rare these days. Glad to read of someone still willing to chart their own course.
    Keep us in the know as to how you are fairing!

    1. "Can't back out now" - That's the thought I had the day I signed the papers for the rv! It's getting more and more real, the emptier my mobile home becomes. lol

      At times I think I might be a little *too* independent. I have a hard time asking for help even when I need it. I'm getting better at that though and I'm sure this rv adventure will help me in that regard. I definitely won't hesitate to ask for help backing up and such!

  2. In my opinion, living in an RV goes hand in hand with storage facilities. I mean, if you don't have enough space to store your clothes or appliances in your RV, you can opt to put it in a storage unit, and get whatever you need, whenever you need it. Your valuables will also be more secure there than keeping it inside your RV. Plus, you won't have the time to keep an eye on your RV once you start working.