Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ahhhhh.... this is it.

Not the greatest shot, but you get the idea. This is the view from my current hotel:Never mind that I have to lean against the window and look as far left as possible to see this view... heh The rest of my view's pretty decent if I ignore the rooftops of the buildings near my hotel. =) I landed at PDX, got my bags and my rental car and was checked into my hotel all by noon PST on Sunday. Yes, that means I was up and had bags in my car and was on the road by 4:30a EST. I don't recommend that, btw. Not fun. But I'm here now and it's all worth it! We've had gorgeous weather - chilly but clear - the past couple days and are expecting good weather the next week or so at least. Everyone I've met here so far has been really nice and they all seem to love living here. Such a change from Albany where I only got pity when they asked how long we'd be there! And getting to see eagles on my drive in to the office, well... it doesn't suck. =)

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