Monday, December 21, 2009

I may finally cave

to technology. I've been looking at e-readers for awhile now and just couldn't justify the cost since Amazon's Kindle meant you buy the book, read it and that's it. $10 for a book that I can't pass on? And no expansion slot to increase the memory? I'm thinking "no" even though it would be awesome as a space-saver both on the road and on the bookshelves at home. I got to play with a Kindle not long ago and the owner (another business traveler) loves it, but still, too many limitations to justify it for me. Now, Barnes & Noble comes out with Nook and you can actually share books?! Hmm, might be worth it - esp since I have points sitting on a ccard (one I haven't even used in a year since I got my mileage card) that I could trade for $225 in BN gift cards. $260 is still a bit high for my comfort, but $35? That sounds more reasonable. =) Sure, the Kindle has text-to-voice and Nook doesn't, but after hearing the irritating computer voice of the Kindle, I know I'd never use that feature anyway. I saw a comment about being able borrow free e-books from the library as well. I'll have to check into that...

Have I ever said how much I love earning points??? =D


  1. I've been watching ppl on airplanes use them too... the downside I see is they have to be turned off like any other electronic device and I like being able to read the whole time.

  2. True. That doesn't bug me so much though... probably because I usually knit on the planes. heh