Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby Stuff!

SO far behind! I have pics, I have knitting. You get knitting first. =)
I knit these up awhile ago actually, but since they were a gift, I couldn't post pics of course. heh Finally got them sent off a couple weeks ago, so... here ya go! I used the Modern Cabled Baby Bib (Ravelry link) pattern and made right- and left-handed bibs. The yarn is Bernat Cottontots. Love the colorway (doll house) - reminds me of neopolitan ice cream! Should hide any dribbles nicely and it's SO soft! And washable, of course! Had enough for two bibs... and a matching basketweave washcloth.It took a few trips to a few different stores, but I finally found buttons I liked. I wanted something cute but easy for mom/dad to use. Found these cute round ones with embossed flowers that matched perfectly! I tried a couple of knit shops and finally found these at Jo Ann's. heh Shoulda gone there first, I suppose.

Not bad for just one skein of yarn! Even had enough left over for my mini media bag!

These are all already very well-traveled so maybe it means baby Elizabeth is destined to see the world! I started these in AZ and they made the trek to upstate NY and Oregon before finally hopping into a mailbox in Indiana and heading off to California...

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