Monday, November 16, 2009

Feels like home...

I was home just over a week this time when I got a call on Monday informing me I'd be booked on a flight on Tuesday to... Oregon! Finally! Since Seattle last winter, I've been waiting and hoping to be put on a project back in the Pacific Northwest. I wish I'd had more warning, but wow, how could I be too annoyed when I get to come to such a beautiful place?Gorgeous. My friend Kim and I took a little road trip today and stumbled across this great old school house. Then, further down the road, we came across Emigrant Spring State Park. I fell in love with this great little cabin. Nice park with some great camping spots and of course, the cabins for rent by the night.
As always, the rest of the pics can be found here.
We also checked out the Wildhorse Casino on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. I've never had the urge to go to a casino and now... I still don't get the attraction. I can think of much better ways to blow my money than that. heh I'd love to head back to the reservation to check out the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute. No more casino though...


  1. Lucky you...

    I love Oregon so much. I lived there for five years, and I miss it.

    My mother is still out there, on the coast.

  2. Oh jeez, I am so jealous. I miss Oregon something fierce. I love it more every time I visit. And OMG snow. *jealous*