Sunday, June 17, 2012

fail... or happy accident?

After I frogged that thrift store sweater, I decided to try one of mine I'd decided not to keep. This one is 100% lambswool:

I took it apart and tried to frog it and ran into issues. The yarn is thin and kept breaking. So... I tossed the pieces into a lingerie bag and threw them in the washer to felt a bit. After, I cut them up and dyed the pieces with Kool-Aid.

The small pieces from the yoke are destined to become catnip kitty toys.
The one on the right was left in the original color.

Not sure what the lower sleeves will end up becoming.
I had fun playing around with different techniques dyeing all of these though!

The upper sleeves were fun too.

I especially like how this one turned out.
It almost looks like graffiti.

The body of the sweater will most likely become a bag of some sort.

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