Sunday, June 03, 2012

dyed in the wool

Ah, yes. My new favorite hobby has surfaced once again. After getting my errands run on Friday, I had Saturday to do as I pleased (thanks to rain taking yard work off the table). So, I pulled out some wool and my packets of Kool-Aid and got to work!

I started with some variegated wool that I'd picked up on clearance a few years back. I used some for a pair of slippers that were a gift, but still had about 3.5 skeins and no interest in making anything with that colorway. So I decided to over-dye it! Ugly can be fixed. I had three partial skeins and started with those, using a packet of mixed berry KA for each. The result? Perfect!

The original is on the right and the new, muted skeins on the left.
the original on the right, over-dyed on the left =)

Pretty, no?
I'm thinking those two full skeins might be taking a blue bath soon too!

Then, I used more mixed berry, lemon-lime, pink lemonade and black cherry/grape for an off-white skein.
This one, I'm not so sure about. We'll see once it's been knit up if it'll need another date with some Kool-Aid or not.
I'm not so sure about that lighter, pinkish segment.

After finishing those, I was still inspired to try another technique I'd seen - dyeing yarn while wound in a cake. First, a bath in lemon-lime:
I then flipped it and gave it a bath in mixed berry.

Poking around in the cake, I realized I apparently wound my cake a bit too tightly and the color didn't make it to the center of the cake so I mixed up some more of both colors and used my baster to inject color into the center, nuking, checking and squirting in more where needed.

After winding this back into a skein, I could really see the results:
Oh, so pleased with this! I'm not entirely sure it's worth the extra effort to dye in the cake though. I think I could get very similar results from hand painting and could avoid having to re-skein a wet cake of yarn.

 My efforts yesterday did produce a colorful living room while things dried:
Saturday's results =)

I'm already thinking what else is in my stash that I want to over-dye. =)

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