Friday, May 07, 2010

First position, second position

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time for the kiddos to show off what they've learned this year.

I happened to be home the weekend of her debut last year, so it was even nicer to get to see this year's show! For those who cannot spot her in the mass of little girls, Angela is the one in the back (to the right of the leader once they line up) with the mass of dark curls and giggling her way through the dance. =)

All too soon, I have another nephew graduating as well! It remains to be seen if I'll be home for that weekend or not. Things are still really slow with work, but they're promising work will be picking up soon and I'm guessing we'll all be back on the road by then (June). My nephew who graduated last year has since gone through boot camp for the Air Force in TX and is now in CA for training. Sadly, this training has nothing to do with cooking - what my nephew has planned as his career for at least half a dozen years. All in due time...

I do have photos to share fom my mini-trip to Cincinnati too... first, I have to do some editing and uploading. heh

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