Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving Forward

I've had great timing for my weekends home lately. The last weekend I was home, my niece had her first dance recital so I got to go to that. This time, my oldest nephew, Joe, graduated from high school. =)
I will miss his reception next weekend though. That's him with his little bro, Calvin, who graduates next year. Unfortunately, some of Joe's plans have been altered. He was all set to go into the Air Force mid-June. Two days before graduation, he was out with his friends and went to jump out of the back of a truck, caught his foot and landed on his arm. Broken. Had surgery the day before graduation to have plates and pins put in. Docs say 3 months before he's back to normal. Apparently, the AF won't accept anyone with hardware installed, but he may still be okay since he was already signed up. I'm hoping this delay will get him into a job a little closer to what he ultimately wants to do. Time will tell.

Glad I got home this weekend, but I gotta say, this whole flying on every freaking holiday is getting old. I think Christmas and New Year's have been the only holidays I've not spent on a plane since I started this job last June. I'm beginning to think they're doing it on purpose... Wish I was actually getting holiday pay though. =(

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