Sunday, May 17, 2009

Over 100 degrees or not...

I had to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the desert around Tucson!

The saguaro cacti are starting to bloom! =) So pretty. Hard to get a good shot though since they're SO tall. haha Once more start to bloom, it'll be easier to find some blooms more at my level, but this shot taken standing on a small rock nearby and holding the camera as far above my head as possible turned out pretty well. haha

I went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens today. Spent a couple hours wandering around enjoying the flowers and cacti and the wildlife - LOTS of little lizards, birds, butterflies and bees.

The cacti are even cool after the blooms have faded. Then the fruits appear. I love these. They look like miniature pineapples!

More to come. Still have to finish uploading pics from the Botanical Gardens and Tucson Mountain Park...

BTW - I actually got rained on here today! First weather (other than HOT and a touch of wind) since I've been in Tucson! Supposed to be more isolated thunderstorms the next couple days as well. I heard thunder today and didn't believe it might actually rain until I felt a few drops. haha I even saw one lightning bolt while driving in Tucson Mountain Park!

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