Friday, May 08, 2009

Back in the desert!

Back in the land of sunny, cloudless days and endless blue skies.

The obnoxious people in the room next to me finally checked out today. Yay! Finally, some peace and quiet. Arizona has been nothing but unnecessary stress so far. Can't wait for this project to end! The constant travel may be losing a bit of it's shine. I'm missing my boys...
Look at those faces! Gotta love 'em! I brought my new little camera home and played with it a bit to test it out. The boys are always willing subjects!

While I was outside taking pics, I had a robin constantly hollering at me. Finally found the source of the poor thing's stress:No wonder she was upset! I'm hoping I'll get to see some fuzzy babies my next trip home. =)

I am getting some knitting done too. Still working on my sweater, but I finished my 2nd net bag on my flight back to Tucson and finished the first of the pair of bright socks I started ages ago. Began the second on the flight back. I really like how the first turned out! (Pics to come later.) Need to get back to my afghan block as well. I have maybe 2" done so far. heh So much for my plan to do a block each trip out. Ah, well. I refuse to stress over knitting... =)

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