Monday, January 04, 2010

Crochet 101

I want to learn to crochet this year, so I'm teaching myself via books and YouTube videos. =) I have 5 skeins of Lion Suede I'd bought with a blanket in mind. This is the result of one skein.heh So... looking more like a wrap is in order here. haha I'm working this in double crochet and started with a chain about 5' long. Worked up fairly quickly on the first leg of my flight back to Oregon Sunday. Unfortunately, the purple ran out just 4 stitches shy of the end and I didn't have another skein of purple in my carryon so I had to put it away and read the rest of the way. Not sure this yarn was a good choice to learn on though. It's fuzzy nature makes it difficult to see the stitches. Of course, it also makes it nearly impossible to see mistakes either... =)


  1. It looks good!

    I'm going the exact opposite direction. I crocheted for years and years (ok, closer to 30 than 20. EEK!) and learned to knit last year.

    Well, technically in 2008, but it was December.

    I have YEARS of crochet FOs that I can't locate, or gave away, or whatever. I think I only have a picture of one of them.

  2. Yum! I have been meaning to try that yarn. Does it shed a lot? It looks so snuggly.

  3. Yeah, I'm loving the eggplant. Wasn't sure about the variegated you'll see soon, but I think it works.

    Shedding - The solid eggplant doesn't seem to shed a ton, but I have found a few loose bits of fluff from the variegated skeins I'm using (and they're slightly thinner than the solid). I plan to run this through the wash after it's done and hopefully that will take care of any loose bits. We'll see... it was *really* inexpensive yarn. It's crocheting up into a nice cushy wrap. =)