Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's times like this I hate my job

Poor little guy. He's had a rough month. First, it was cysts that had to be removed, followed by him puling out stitches requireing a trip to the emergency vet's almost an hour away on a Sunday (of course) the last weekend I was home. Now, just as the time neared to get his staples removed, I come home and find this pitiful sight. Not exactly what I was hoping for when I got home at nearly 11:30 Friday night! He'd apparently been sick (not eating... this dog never refuses food!) since the afternoon though my mother decided to ignore this huge warning sign and even went to bed, leaving him in my bedroom where he'd thrown up multiple times. Yes, I'm beyond PO'd. So... half an hour after walking in the door, we were in the car heading to the emergency vet's again with a very sick little dog. Finally got back home just after 3a and spent the rest of the night mostly awake - Reilly and me anyway. Morning finally came around and things hadn't improved so off we headed to the local vet to see if there was any more to be done to help him feel better and to be sure it wasn't something more serious. X-rays thankfully came back clear so no blockage (which would have required surgery). Turns out it's gastroenteritis triggered by who knows what and the little guy has to take three different meds twice a day for the next week. He got fluids today to counteract dehydration and some special food (which he still won't touch). I'm just hoping I can get him to eat in the morning before I head back to the airport and back to NY. I really wish I could stay home until the pup is better. Times like this are when this job really sucks.


  1. Poor guy! He looks so sweet; I send him a snuggle and you a hug - it's hard when someone you love is sick.

  2. It took longer than expected, but Reilly is now pretty much back to his bouncy self. Woo! Wish I was there to see him, but I'll get to see for myself next weekend. Can't wait!