Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have a problem

I love finding awesome deals on yarn. Yarn I don't really need. But it's just so irresistably pretty, dontcha think? Six skeins of this yummy mohair, wool, silk blend now reside in my stash. Well, my hotel room for now. heh It's not fattening... or illegal... so it's all good, right? ;-) And under $20 for the lot of it! How can that be bad? Heck, if the heat goes out, I can always just bury myself in my stash to survive, right?

I do believe the company I got this from is covering up the fact that they've perfected that method of transport used in Star Trek movies and beamed this to me. I placed my order late, late Wednesday night... and it was waiting at the hotel for me Friday afternoon! Wow. Okay, so it was only coming from Vermont and I'm in western upstate New York, but still. Now, what to do with it? I think this needs to be some sort of shawl or wrap. Any suggestions? I have 1200 yds and it's 8 sts/24 rows to 4" on US7 and a boucle (Wool In The Woods Harmony) - not looking to use all 1200 yds, obviously. heh =)

I started my fingerless gloves... and then frogged them. I'd started them on US6 dpns and realized quickly they were too big. I also realized... I didn't like this yarn as fingerless gloves. I loved that yarn in the ball. Still do. And it'll be perfect for something... just not fingerless gloves. ;-) At least, not for me. So I left that yarn at home last weekend and brought back some purple/blue/green variegated wool to restart my gloves. This colorway seems much more fall-like anyway. Pics to come...

BTW - Reilly is doing much, much better this weekend. Though it took longer than anyone (including two vets) expected and racked up a couple more vet bills along the way, he's apparently back to his old, bouncy self. =D Woo!

Hmm, any techies reading this? I know next to nothing about html. Is there an easy fix to make this section wider? So it doesn't cut off the edge of my pics? Just curious. It bugs me. =)


  1. Something about grey and brown yarns are luscious and cozy to me. I want all my sweaters to be grey or brown, but that would make life pretty boring.

    I don't know much about html, but you should be able to change the width by going to "layout" from your dashboard. Then go to "edit html." Write down EXACTLY what you change so you can change it back if need be. Look under the "posts" (and possibly the "wrapper") section(s) to change the width. You probably have to mess around a few times to get it right - I haven't tried this with mine. I'm just guessing; good luck!

  2. Thanks, Theresa! I went looking and changed a couple things until I got what I wanted. =) Happy now.

  3. That's way more HTML than I care to admit I know. The cutting off of pictures thing drives me BANANAS.

    And I'm glad to read that your doggie is doing better. There really isn't anything sadder than a sick pup. What a cutie pie!

  4. Thanks, Virginia. I may be a bit biased, but I think he's pretty darn cute myself. =) I did figure out how to not have my pics cut off... then I revamped the whole thing. heh