Sunday, September 13, 2009


The hotel was repainting the parking lot today (yes, on a Sunday morning) so I had to be out and about by 10 this morning. Wasn't sure where I was headed when I left, but decided to just pick somewhere that popped up on my GPS and see what I'd find. I picked a nature park about 20 miles away and headed off. There was a nice little trail from the parking area to Shaver Pond, offering lots of opportunity to use my too-often-of-late neglected camera. When I don't shoot for awhile, I forget how much fun it is!
It was a beautiful walk...
and I found a few interesting fun-guys along the way. =)
Even found someone ready for his (or her) close-up!
There are definite signs of autumn...
I can't wait for autumn to fully show its colors. There is one good thing about being stuck here for a few months - New England Autumn!

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