Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Big Hole in the Ground

Still in sunny, hot Arizona. Finally made it to a couple of the best spots in AZ though!

I met up with my friend Sarah who's been working in Phoenix and we headed north to see the red rocks of Sedona:

Beautiful! It's almost shockingly so after seeing so much brown and dull green around Tucson these past couple months. I lucked out this time too and got a great car! =) Love my bug! Too bad I got stuck with a Yaris when I came back after my weekend home. =(

Then, we headed farther north... to see a big hole in the ground:
Completely worth the drive! We stayed for sunset,
then headed back to Phoenix for a little wandering around before I headed back to Tucson once again. What a fun weekend! Even brought home a couple souvenirs - a baby palm and a baby agave cactus. =) The drive north is awesome. The terrain changes so many times along the way, it's as though you've passed through 3-4 states along the way...

My flight out this past weekend was delayed due to weather (Monsoon season has officially begun), but we got a great view while we waited!I'm now down in Rio Rico and just finished an office in Nogales (border town). It's beautiful down here, but there's not much to do. The resort grounds are full of birds though and I wake each morning to various, interesting bird noises. =) Much nicer way to wake than either an alarm or the trash truck I heard each morning at another hotel. haha I even saw a roadrunner about 15 feet off my patio yesterday! =) Tomorrow, I'm heading slightly east to another border town, Douglas, but I'll be staying in (more than likely) Tombstone. =)

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