Monday, June 01, 2009

Feeling completely lazy... and loving it.

I did nothing this weekend. Nothing. Barely even left my hotel room. Everything that even slightly interested me was at least a 2+ hr drive away and I didn't feel motivated for a 4+ hr round trip in the car knowing I have a 4-hr drive tomorrow to get back to Tucson. heh So I stayed in and vegged. It was nice. =) Nowhere to be, nothing I had to do. I read a lot... putzed around online... and read some more. Eclipse is awesome! Nearly finished and ready to start Breaking Dawn soon. =)

I haven't knit a single stitch since getting back to Arizona. I knit on a sock at the airport in Indy, but the two small projects I brought along haven't seen the light of day since. haha Left my sweater at home this trip. All that's left to do is the button band and I haven't totally decided if I want to do buttons or if I want to go with a pin instead. Kinda need to decide that before doing the second side at least. I LOVE it though and nearly can't wait until it gets cool enough to actualyl wear it! And I love my socks (that are nearly finished). I even love what I have so far on the first block of my afghan. That plan of one block each trip out isn't going so well though. haha Whatever. Knitting is not something to stress about. They'll all get finished eventually. I think I just needed a weekend with nothing in it. Ahhhhhh. Very relaxing. =) I used to feel a little bad being out on the road and not doing enough sightseeing, like I was wasting a good opportunity. Now, I'm realizing that I need to do what I want and not feel obligated to do the touristy thing. There are a couple places I plan to stop along the way tomorrow. I'm happy with that. =)

I had a long talk with a good friend tonight. One who is incredibly supportive, yet totally rational. She may be 3600 miles away, but she had perfect timing. I needed that this weekend. It's just so nice to have someone who listens and doesn't immediately dismiss my ideas as stupid or ridiculous. If only there were a few people like that in my family. haha

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